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Ooooh, bio. Eeek, I'm crap at writing these. Personal stuff - married, mid thirties. As title of LJ suggests, I come from and live in Yorkshire.


TV - I love The West Wing - I'm a huge fan, but other shows I enjoy include House, CSI (the Las Vegas and New York versions), Scrubs, Law and Order, QI (I adore Stephen Fry, wouldn't the world be a boring place without him?) Firefly and nearly everything else that gets cancelled mid-season.

I should also mention that I absolutely adore Richard Armitage and watch anything with him in... sigh...

Music - I'm mainly into 80s stuff as this is the decade I grew up. Other bands I like include Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kaiser Chiefs.

Film - I'm one of those rare individuals who loves both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter films. I think Elijah Wood is a great actor and follow his career with interest - a down to earth guy with a mature head on young shoulders. The fact that he's cute is just a plus!